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THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE ZUGLY - Decade of Regression (Yellow LP)

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE ZUGLY - Decade of Regression (Yellow LP)

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Release date April 05th.

Single LP. Yellow vinyl. 

The Good the Bad and the Zugly have been delivering premium class, antiquated rock for almost 15 years straight.

They’ve always been the real deal. True heroes of the Armageddon.

Whenever responsibility came knocking at the door they stuck to their guns and kept living the rock life to the fullest. Their contemptuous look at everything and everyone who doesn’t fit into their world view has always been prominent in their sound, and their musical and lyrical expression has stayed uncompromised.

No one has yet dared to confront their satirical know-it-all attitude, but recently water has started to seep through their seemingly waterproof façade.

Band members have on several occasions been observed at the Oslo’s local shopping malls wearing reading glasses, down jackets, and sensible footwear, pushing strollers filled with blaring, chocolate devouring children. With wistful eyes they’re seen pushing strollers through to the suburbs, far away from dirty dens credible dark nooks and shitty toilets.

To mend this rapidly declining rock image they´ve decided to release what they consider to be their worst album so far: A collection of B-songs that have never made the list when assembling the list of Norwegian Grammy nominated classics. This upcoming album is nothing less of a wonderful bouquet of contemptuous elegies who haven't yet found a place on the big, dark web.

Truth be told the opinionated armor GBZ has been hiding behind was mostly for show, they’ve always beat around the bush – or as we say in Norwegian: had a walk around the porridge.

Before And After
Walk Around the Porridge
Krenk It Up!
Classic Oslo Attitude
A Couple of Dudes
Going Postal
I Hate Conversations

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