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About COVID-19 situation

Due to temporary restrictions by COVID-19 Pandemic on transport and logistics, all shipments for current orders and pre-orders are suffering certain delays.

Our European warehouse is located in SPAIN. We are closely attending all instructions and recommendations made by Spanish authorities that have declared a new extension of confinement until April 26th. We expect to start shipping again on April 27th. But due to the uncertain situation it is hard to predict an exact date for when we can resume normal shipping routines. Any news about the situation will be notified accordingly.

Some territories are re-opening, therefore such countries are now accepting shipments to be locally delivered again. Delays on deliveries are going to be usual during the next weeks. Please be aware we are providing all orders with a tracking number that you can use anytime, but it will only show some progress once the shipment can be shipped. The tracking number will last until delivery is fully confirmed.

Some of you have specifically asked us about the mighty Mayhem box and when this would be shipped. Due to the current situation we have decided to move back release date until May 29th.

We do not plan to ship this box until early May at best. Not only because of the lockdown in Spain, but also given the uncertain situation of local delivery around the world. As this box being is a delicate and expensive item, we do not want to risk on shipping during the most uncertain times. We want to avoid damages due to massive content on hold at mail offices and warehouses all around either avoiding returns due to such local restrictions that are currently happening in every city in the world. We want you to receive the order safe and well protected. Therefore, we prefer to wait and find the best time for this shipment to be.

Our team is working hard attending all security recommendations as well as the ones concerning health and protection of individuals involved in the process of shipping parcels. We all need to pay attention on what´s priority to attend as well as keeping safe our personnel and resources.

In the meantime, we want to thank you for your support during these days and for your purchase which is really appreciated.



Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are based on weight and location and are automatically calculated at checkout after you show your address. Parcels up to 2kg show the option of standard or registered shipping. Please consider all packages over 2kg will be shipped only under registered shipping option with tracking number provided.

All orders are shipped from SPAIN via standard service and are taken by Spanish National Postal Service. Packages shipped to Europe take around 10-12 days to be delivered after shipping confirmation. Overseas orders may take up to one month depending on country of delivery.

Payment can be processed by Paypal or bank.

Return Policy

We accept returns if the product has been seriously damaged (big crack on spine, vinyl crack, vinyl defect unable to be played, etc.). Small corner hits are not a serious damage on product and we pack carefully to avoid such minor problems.

Please contact us at for any query you may have.

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