Looking for music to your newest project? We are always here to help you out! 

We specialize on rock, folk/pagan and metal, and have provided music to shows and games like Vikings (HBO), Overwatch (Blizzard Entertainment), Trolljegeren (eng. Trollhunter), Beforeigners (HBO) and Norsemen (Netflix) to mention some. Our colleges in VME have also delivered an impressive sync record, with music placed on shows like Lillyhammer (Netflix), and commercials for brands like Wolkswagen.

Do you know exactly what you are looking for, please contact our publishing and sync manager directly here with information on your needs. We always stribe to deliver fast, easy and problem free deals! 

If you need music, but need help finding just the right sound, we are here to help you find it! Please contact our staff in publishing and sync here and they will make sure you get the sound you need.