About us: 

Indie Recordings work with a big number of incredibly talented musicians, and we have a large catalogue with some of Norways finest rock and metal music. We represent everything from legendary bands like Kvelertak, Wardruna, Skambankt and Satyricon, to new and promising bands like Maraton, Fixation, and Blomst! We always strive to be the best at what we do, and our publishing and sync department works to be the best alternative for artists and for clients that wants to use our music. 

As well as a large catalogue with master rights, we work with publishing contracts for a selected number of artists and bands, which contributes to delivering music even faster. In addition to this we collaborate with Voices Music Entertainment, who represents artists like Mayhem, Pål Angelskår (Minor Majority), Backstreet Girls, Wig Wam and Windir. This contributes to having an even larger and better catalogue with music and artists.