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Our desire is to give the best and fastest service, but to do so please make sure you contact us on the in the right place. There are a lot of different people work in different departments in our company and weneed to get the information and questions to the right person. If you use the wrong form you risk your email not getting the attention it should ,so please read this carefully before reaching out.
Customer Service Webshop:
All questions regarding your order, shipping, returns, availability etc should be directed to our customer service using THIS form. Please do not contact us here about your band, demos`s, licensing request, publishing matters etc.

Demo Submissions:
We absolutely love to check out new music, so please send us your project and what you have going on! Use THIS form. Do not contact us here about store-purchases, licensing requests etc.

Label Questions:
If you want to talk to us about licensing albums, distribution or other label-matters please use THIS form. Do not contact us here about store-purchases, demo-submissions etc.

Publishing & Sync:
Do you want to use our music or artists in your projects, or do you need help to find the right one? Either way, please contact us using THIS form.

Do not contact the publishing dep. with questions about shop, label, demo-submissions etc.
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