About us

Indie Recordings was founded in 2005 by Erik and Espen Røhne as a side project of Indie Distribution. In 2006 Erlend Gjerde joined Indie Recordings and Indie Distribution and together they developed the label from being a "hobby project", into one of the leading independent record labels in Scandinavia, releasing gold-record status albums with bands like Kvelertak and Satyricon.

Indie Recordings have mainly focused on developing Norwegian acts like Fight The Fight, 1349, Kvelertak, Satyricon, Enslaved, God Seed, Keep Of kalessin, Wardruna, Djerv, Oslo Ess ++. But, talent knows no borders and lately the label has gone on to sign several foreign successful acts like Cult Of Luna and Adimiron and promising acts like Dutch Steak number Eight and The Erkonauts from Switzerland. 

 Having the opportunity to work with such fine musicians is a great inspiration to us, and has motivated us to put all our efforts into creating a label we are very proud of. Every day we stay true to the cause: Bringing out to you our favorite rock and metal music! Now we finally have a new webstore to bring our catalogue to everyone.

Horns up!