About us

Indie Recordings was founded in 2005 as a side project of Indie Distribution. During the following years the label grew from a mere hobby project, into one of the leading independent record labels in Scandinavia. The label has achieved gold-record status with albums from bands such as Kvelertak, Satyricon and Oslo Ess.

Indie Recordings has primarily centered its efforts in developing Norwegian acts such as 1349, Enslaved, Wardruna, Kampfar, Djerv, Nordjevel and more. However, as talent knows no borders, Indie Recordings has gone to sign several foreign successful acts such as Cult of Luna and Knogjärn.

Working alongside these talented musicians truly inspires us, and has pushed us to pour our hearts into building a label we're incredibly proud of. Every day we stay true to the cause: delivering our favorite rock and metal music right to you!

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