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THE CRUEL INTENTIONS - Venomous Anonymous (Black w/ Signed Poster)

THE CRUEL INTENTIONS - Venomous Anonymous (Black w/ Signed Poster)

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The Cruel Intentions received top reviews both home and abroad (Metal Hammer, Sweden Rock Magazine, Uber Rock etc) for their debut album No Sign of Relief (2018)

Their streaming numbers have been solid since 2018 and have recently exploded through their music being featured in the new HBO series The Peacemaker from the DC Comics universe.

Borderline Crazy, Jawbreaker and Sick Adrenaline were handpicked by Peacemaker director James Gunn (Suicide Squad, GoTG) to be featured in the series. TCI and Hanoi Rocks are the only two bands with three songs featured in the series.

Streaming figures currently over 4 000,000 streams on Spotify and well over 800,000 views on their videos on YouTube.

TCI have been on extensive tours in Europe with, among others, the Crash Diet, and played at festivals in Germany, England, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Norway.

1. Reapercussions

2. Venomous Anonymous

3. Sunrise Over Sunset

4 .Casket Case

5. Kerosene

6. Salt I Ditt Sår

7. Final Deathroll

8. Goddamn Monday

9. Bad Vibes

10. Chemical Vacation

11. City of Lice


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