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Tantara - Sum Of Forces (LP)

Tantara - Sum Of Forces (LP)

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Tantara is set to release its long awaited sophomore album “Sum of Forces” on Indie Recordings the 9th of September. The follow up on “Based on Evil” takes raw, old school thrash and mixes it with more melodic heavy metal influences. With this new release the band shows once again that thrash isn’t dead -it is alive and it is Norwegian.

Telling the story of how society drags you down, the band takes you on a dramatic journey of the soul. The album is wide and varied, ranging from instrumental behemoths to the melodic and groovy, discovering new elements of thrash along the way. With a clear vision of making a distinct sound, the band wrote most of the songs about struggle, being oppressed and finding your own path. This is expressed through the collision of violent riffs and beautiful melodies, accompanied by a critical view on society. These contrasts make the album a refreshing experience, and a journey for the listener.


  1. Punish The Punisher
  2. Death Always Win
  3. Aftermath
  4. Sleepwalker
  5. Sum Of Forces
  6. White Noise
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