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SEIGMEN - Resonans (Tape)

SEIGMEN - Resonans (Tape)

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Release date: May 3rd 2024


Norwegian Grammy-Winning rock band Seigmen are back with a new album called  “Resonans”  on May 3rd, 2024.

Ask yourself the question: How many bands have maintained the same lineup throughout a career spanning over three decades? Just count and see how far you get. Seigmen is and remains Alex, Sverre, Noralf, Kim, and Marius.

Seigmen's new album Resonans echoes the essence of a longstanding friendship. A strong bond among five guys who found each other through music, learned to play instruments, and express themselves together. They solidified their friendship through muddy and sour tones from the rehearsal room on the old submarine quay, down into a basement in the city center, out to a barn outside the city, up on the heights near the old library, down into the mountain beneath the same hill, and back to a rehearsal container at the old shipyard. Always tied to their home town, Tønsberg in Norway.

Resonans is the reverberation of endless evening rehearsals, weekends with “lefse” and freshly ground coffee in thermoses, and syncopations. Smiles, conversations, and gossip. The hard, precise, and long-term work. Love and art.

Resonans is guts and integrity, demonstrating the uncompromising nature that Seigmen has always represented.



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