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POSTHUM - Like Wildfire (LP)

POSTHUM - Like Wildfire (LP)

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LP black vinyl.


1. The Ravens Are Flying Low
2. Knight And Death
3. Like Wildfire
4. Defenders Of Purity
5. Lonewolf Unknown
6. Unicorn Slaughterhouse
7. The Star Extinguisher



10 years after their debut album, metal band Posthum release their fourth full-length entitled “Like Wildfire”! 

After their last album in 2014, followed by several tours across Europe, Posthum went back underground to work with their new album. The process of recording started in January 2018 and was finished five months later. They`re not afraid to experiment, and in combination with great confidence and an old school approach, the result is an album which sounds incredibly solid. “Like Wildfire” is cold and dark, but also groovy and playful, and it sounds like every element of each track is contributing to make the album better. The album contains seven tracks, which are all composed to be listened to one by one, but the band highly recommend listening to the album in the right order.

Their debut album “Posthum” from 2009 gave the band the chance to go on a European tour the same year, including 19 concerts in 19 days. In 2012, “Lights Out” was released, showing a more ambient and progressive side of Posthum. Two years later the album “The Black Northern Ritual” hit the shelves, a raw and more brutal sounding album, stripped of the ambient and more mellow parts of their latter release. Posthum has always been growing, keeping it interesting and unique with each release, something both press and fans have been highly appreciating over the year. And they won’t be disappointed this time either.

“Like Wildfire” sounds huge, and both Ruben Krogstad and George Tanderø who has mixed and mastered the album has done a magnificent job in catching the core sound of the band when turning their knobs. There are some ambient parts on the album, but they are mostly in between the tracks and give the album some beautiful build-ups and some natural breaks between the grooves. It gives the album an extraordinary dimension, it’s refreshing, and it’s very brave by the Norwegians who sound like they have fully bloomed and are not afraid to show it. There are some elements of thrash and heavy metal, and some new elements compared to earlier release. “Like Wildfire” is also a natural progression of a band that always has worked with releasing full-length albums and are getting really good at it.

Posthum’s “Like Wildfire” will be out worldwide on April 12 via Indie Recordings!



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