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With their impressive, “kvlt cred” line-up, Nordjevel (Eng. Northern Devil) delivers icy cold Norwegian Black Metal able to chill any spine with its dark work of evil. Exceptional vocals on brilliant and brutal instrumentals. Words like devilish, barbarous, sinister, gritty, catchy, and captivating have been used to describe their music. While the band is writing yet another masterpiece full-length, the EP “Fenriir” will shorten the wait. The band’s announcement for “Fenriir”:

We present to you the new NORDJEVEL EP Fenriir.
Due to the ongoing world situation, we decided to delay our upcoming album until late 2021, in hopes to play live and tour on the album. We have been writing material for the upcoming album, and still work on it now. We had a few extra tracks that we early decided didn`t fit our upcoming album, so we decided to record these 2 tracks, that are exclusive only for this EP. The tracks are “Fenriir” and “Rovdyr”.
To make this EP more special, we decided to record one of the new songs that will appear on the upcoming album, which is “Gnawing The Bones”. We also recorded a cover of the mighty Possessed, to pay tribute to them as the pioneers they are for our music, and to honour them after last year’s tour with them. And last, we also mixed and mastered a live track of “Det Ror Og Ror”, recorded live at Brutal Assault 2019.
This EP shows all sides of Nordjevel, from the start until where the band is now.
Starting off with a killer debut in 2015, Nordjevel entered the black metal scene like a freezing storm and quickly became a force to be reckoned with. Founded by Doedsadmiral, the band has changed the line-up several times, but ended on the previous album “Necrogenesis” up with the mighty line-up that is Nordjevel today. In few years, the band and their audience has grown fast. With raving reviews and top scored on their short discography of 2 albums and 1 EP, the bar is set high for the coming releases. No doubt these masters of Black Metal will deliver!
A new full-length album is on the horizon for late 2021, and the EP “Fenriir” will be out via Indie Recordings on March 26! All music and lyrics by Nordjevel, except Fallen Angel, which was originally performed and written by Possessed. The track Fenriir is based upon the poem called Fenriir.

2.Gnawing The Bones
4.Fallen Angel
5.Det Ror og Ror

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