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NAVIAN - Reset EP (LP)

NAVIAN - Reset EP (LP)

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Navian is a brand new name in the Norwegian rock scene and is often referred to as Norway’s answer to Animals as Leaders. Their instrumental trio-approach is characterised by swift shifts in groove and mood as they open-mindedly pick fruit from the trees of prog, metal, pop and jazz.

Navian was founded in March of 2019 and has grown fast. The group consists of Martin Stenstad Selen (Guitarist), Ola Dønnem (Drums) and Christian Alexander Espeseth (Bassist). They met while taking their degree in contemporary music in Oslo, Norway, they easily connected over their shared love of hard hitting instrumental music. All members are active musicians in the local scene in all different genres, and it shows as it colors the music they make for Navian. They are heavily influenced by a lot of different artists and groups in a lot of different genres, artists like Polyphia, Intervals, Plini, Animals As Leader among many others is what really inspired the group to make the kind of music they do.

They released their debut EP “Reset” digitally on September 19th 2019. The EP was mixed and mastered by the Sidney based producer and bassist Simon Grove, known for his work with Plini, Intervals and many others. For the year 2020 Navian are focusing on showing their music for the live scene and getting their name out there, as well as reaching out to similar artists for musical collaboration and touring. They are currently working on writing new material for their debut album which they plan to release in the fall of 2020.


  1. Blank Space
  2. Schoolyard
  3. Shiba
  4. Matcha Tea
  5. Multiplayer 
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