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LÜT - Mersmak LP (Clear)

LÜT - Mersmak LP (Clear)

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Born out of passion and infinite energy, young punks LÜT are about to release their sophomore album «Mersmak» on 12th of February. 

 Back in 2015, LÜT decided that they wanted to become one of the most ambitious rock artists of the world. The band’s debut album «Pandion» underlined their ambitions, only at the age of 18. High praise by Metallica’s very own Lars Ulrich, a nomination for “New Band of the Year” by Spellemannprisen (Norwegian Grammys), and the Norwegian Radio Award Show “P3 Gull” are but the interlude to these punk rockers career. Singles from the upcoming album “Mersmak” have already made it into many national radio playlists in Norway and GermanyWith their live performances full of explosive energy, showing that they won’t take any prisoners, LÜT have rocked the stages of major European festivals like Summer Breeze Open AirReeperbahn, Øya, and Tons Of Rock 

Their music is uplifting, high on energy, mosh- and dance friendly and in-your-face. Imagine the indie-pop fun of Paramore gone wild. The experimental alt-rock sound of Foals gone pop. Both mashed up with these mesmerizing post-punk vibes of Editors and the shrieking vocals of Kvelertak, accompanied by the fellow Norwegian’s incredibly raw punk rock energy. All these aspects culminate in the sound that LÜT. «Mersmak» delivers the very best of modern alternative rock; sometimes gone crazy, but always authentic. 



2.Strictly Business


4.Ingenting Å Angre På

5.Bangkok Nonstop

6.We Will Save Scandirock

7.Homme Fatale




Just before recording «Mersmak», the band found a new member in guitarist Mads Erlend Ystmark. The band had already been working on the album for more than two years at this point. Being a gear-nerd, Mads delivered experiments with guitar pedals, and brought in a fresh breeze of new ideas. The band worked with two producers (Ariel Joshua Sivertsen & Preben Sælid Andersen), which benefited the process, as the band was able to simultaneously track guitars and drums, while working on the lyrics and vocals. This led to great teamwork, where everyone brought in their very best. «Ariel mainly focused on sounds and arrangement, while Preben was kind of a leader for what was happening and brought in his brilliant mind for melodies.”, the band has commented.  

 The music off «Mersmak» lies in between energetic alt-rock, catchy indie pop, and slightly touches fuzzy post-punk vibes. On top, there are always these shrieking shouts that mischievously give LÜT an incredibly unique sound. «Mersmak» is an album that builds on all the band’s strengths. From 80s rock’n’roll songs like «LÜTetro» to post-punk hymns like «Homme Fatale», and experimental rock songs like «INDIÄ» - there is always something special going on in each of the 10 tracks. 

 “Pandion” was written by three of the band members, making «Mersmak» the very first collaborative work that represents LÜT as a full collective. In between the many influences, there’s one band that all members equally cherish: Paramore. No wonder they asked their label to contact Mike Schuppan (ParamoreJimmy Eat World) to mix «Mersmak». «He loved the songs, and suddenly we all were in LA mixing the record», says the band. 

«The long-term goal for LÜT has always been the same thing; being the biggest rock’n’roll band in the world! » 

 Young, creative, and aspiring artists like LÜT don’t have time for understatement. This eagerness shows their «endeavor for more», making «Mersmak» (which directly translates to «a taste for more») a way for the band to carve their place within the international rock music game. These things considered, «Mersmak» is the best album title that LÜT could have come up with. Once the album is out, there surely will be a need and lust for more! 

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