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HALCYON DAYS - Keep Myself from Sinking (LP)

HALCYON DAYS - Keep Myself from Sinking (LP)

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Single LP black vinyl.

Norway’s Halcyon Days are back, in-your-face, bringing forth an incredibly fresh metalcore sound! 

With aggressive metalcore riffs, punchy breakdowns and an overall melodic hardcore vibe, Halcyon Days remind of the very best days that bands like Architects and While She Sleeps had in their early years, while delivering a stellar production

Based out of Oslo, Norway, Halcyon Days are a hard-hitting melodic metal band.  

Since their beginning in 2012, they have released two EP’s, and two albums. 
Their debut album 'ELEVATE' was frequently playlisted and recommended on Norway’s national radio, NRK P3. Two years after their debut album, they released their self-titled EP in 2016, scoring more than 350k total streams on digital platforms. The EP was met with an amazing response worldwide, putting the band on the map outside of Norway. 

The band signed with Indie Recordings and released their second full-length album, titled "Rain Soaked Pavements & Fresh

Cut Grass" in 2018. Metal Trenches (US) stated that the album is “one of the better metalcore releases of the year”, while PureGrainAudio (CAN) defined it as “a superb example of melodic metal/hardcore.” 

The release hit 1 million streams on Spotify and landed the band their first big shows outside of Norway at festivals like Summer Breeze Open Air, Reeperbahn Festival and High Five Summerfest. The band have been working with legendary names in Metal,such as Daniel Bergstrand, Fredrik Thordendal and Henrik Udd, for their new and third full-length album Keep Myself from Sinking,due autumn 2021 via Indie Recordings. 


1. Awakening

2. Hands of Time

3. Shadows

4. Collapsing Walls

5. Keep Myself from Sinking

6. Collecting Scars

7. Sleepwalking

8. Better Days

9. Face Exposed

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