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GOD SEED - I Begin LP (Gold)

GOD SEED - I Begin LP (Gold)

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I Begin is the only album by Norwegian black metal band God Seed, originally released in October 2012. God Seed came to life after King and Gaahl parted ways with Gorgoroth in 2009. Until then they had taken their infamous live performance to new heights playing sold out club shows and headlining some of the biggest festivals in Europe.

This manifested into their 2012 Live CD/DVD release of their now legendary Wacken performance in 2008. “I Begin”.was recorded at various locations in Oslo and Bergen during August 2011 – July 2012. The recording is organic, warm and focused around true musicianship and a desire to capture the atmosphere, energy and brutality expected from King and Gaahl.

The album also introduces new elements in the shape of organs and electronic sounds. All in all, this is a unique album that has the ability to redefine a genre and usher in the next era of metal expression.

After his self-imposed break from music after leaving Gorgoroth, Gaahl was involved with the Wardruna project, based around Nordic spiritualism and the runes of the Elder Futhark. More recently, of course, we have seen the release of the remarkable, award winning album “Gastir- Ghosts Invited” by Gaahl’s WYRD, released in 2019.

God Seed - I Begin received excellent reviews:

«Both musically and sonically extraordinary, I Begin is a haughty exercise in obliterating expectations. If you have any interest in black metal, this is 2012’s most essential purchase» -

"the songs are tastefully arranged, no matter their inherent violence….simultaneously nods to the pair's past exploits and then breaks free of the restrictive B.M. aesthetic virtually demanded of Gorgoroth material."

"Wayward and disobedient, I Begin contains the crucial black metal elements to secure God Seed's cold-blooded roots, but it reveals a band harnessing their will to power by determinedly ignoring constraints”


Side A

1. Awake

2. This From The Past

3 .Alt Liv

4. From The Running Of Blood

5. Hinstu Dagar

Side B:

1. Aldrande Tre

2. Lit

3. The Would

4 .Bloodline

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