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GÅTE - Nord (LP Gtfold)

GÅTE - Nord (LP Gtfold)

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Norwegian alternative folk band Gåte is set to conclude an acoustic era with their new full-length album Nord.

“While working on Nord we had to figure out how to find strength in the small things,” vocalist Gunnhild Sundli comments. “It was a challenging task as Gåte is usually about how to make things big.”

Gåte has always been about making everything big! The full live production, the exuberant live performances, an exaggeration of almost everything. As such you could say that Nord is a Gåte backwards. Focusing on the simple details with an acoustic take, meant for smaller crowds and acoustic performances.

“We learned a lot writing and performing the songs on Nord. About how we work with and towards music, but also about ourselves as a band” Gunnhild says. “Nord has mapped out the very essence of Gåte´s DNA, and it has opened up new paths and made us stronger and braver.”

On Nord the band has really taken a step back to fully explore their musical potential and expression through a more traditional and acoustic perpective. And though there definitely is something simple and clean about Nord, the power in the courageously heartfelt, raw, and epic soundscape Gåte manages to create seems even more present and complex than ever before.

Nord is the full-length follow up their critically acclaimed EP Til Nord (April 2021) and marks the conclusion of Gåte as an acoustic outfit.

Nord will be released through Indie Recordings December 3, 2021.

About Gåte: Gåte had a national breakthrough in the early 2000 with their captivating performances and groundbreaking mix of traditional folk and modern rock. With an immense respect for folk music and unparalleled talent Gåte managed to interpret and convey traditional folk songs to a whole new generation of listeners.

In 2020 the band chose to go back to their roots and dive into the vast traditional music history Norway has to offer. The result is painstakingly beautiful and emotive collection of songs delving deep into the musical past of their country, with a contemporary approach. Proving yet again that great music and great art endures.


01 Solfager og Ormekongen

02 Svik

03 Hemnarsverdet

04 Horpa

05 Talande Tunger

06 Rideboll og Gullborg

07 Sigurd og Trollbrura

08 Kjærleik

09 Jomfrua Ingebjørg

10 Sjåaren

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