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GÅTE - Huldra 2LP

GÅTE - Huldra 2LP

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Release date: 05.12.2023

Trifold double black vinyl

Vinyl compilation containing the highlights from the career of Norwegian band Gåte, including two tracks never before released in physical format:

Ulveham – first time on vinyl

Huldra - first time on vinyl

Grusomme Skjebne – from Gåte EP (2002)

Stengd Dør, Margit Hjukse - from Jygri album (2002)

Knut Liten og Sylvelin, Jomfruva Ingebjør, Kjærleik , Gjendines Bånsull - from Iselilja album (2004)

Rideboll og Gullborg, Venelite - from Attersyn EP (2017)

Åsmund Frægdgjæva, Fanitullen, Kom No DIskja - from Svevn album (2018)



Side 1:



Grusomme Skjebne

Stengd Dør

Side 2:

Margit Hjukse

Knut Liten og Sylvelin

Jomfruva Ingebjør

Side 3:


Rideboll og Gullborg


Åsmund Frægdgjæva

Side 4:


Kom No DIskja

Gjendines Bånsull

Gåte had a national breakthrough in the early 2000 with their captivating performances and groundbreaking mix of traditional folk and modern rock. With an immense respect for folk music and unparalleled talent Gåte managed to interpret and convey traditional folk songs to a whole new generation of listeners.

In 2020 the band chose to go back to their roots and dive into the vast traditional music history Norway has to offer. The result is painstakingly beautiful and emotive collection of songs delving deep into the musical past of their country, with a contemporary approach. Proving yet again that great music and great art endures.

Gunnhild Sundli - Vocal 

Magnus Børmark - Guitar, vocal, percussion 

Sveinung Sundli – Hardingfele (main instrument from Norwegian folk music), violin, pedal organ, vocal and percussion 

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