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FIGHT THE FIGHT - Shah of Time (LP)

FIGHT THE FIGHT - Shah of Time (LP)

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Release date May 31st.

Single LP. Black vinyl. 

With a new line-up, a fresh inspirational breeze caught Fight the Fight. This led the band into apsychedelic metal universe and sent them into a genre bending fusion of prog and metalcore.

This drift has sparked growing interest and anticipation to the band ́s upcoming release.Fight The Fights third album «Shah Of Time» is their most ambitious record to date and isset to be released May 31st 2024.

With three new singles out from the upcoming album,Fight the Fight have seen an exceptional rise in numbers gaining more that 30.000 monthlylisteners at Spotify alone.

The new constellation just came back from an extensive European tour with Leprous, afterholding back on live performances in 2023. This year Fight the Fight are ready to fully blowthe mind out of their rapidly growing new audience, and fans can expect even moreexciting tours and live dates when the album is released.


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