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FIGHT THE FIGHT - Deliverance (CD Digipack)

FIGHT THE FIGHT - Deliverance (CD Digipack)

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Which title could fit Fight The Fight’s sophomore album better than “Deliverance”?

Isn’t “Deliverance” the product of any artistic outcome? As German performance artist Joseph Beuys once stated, art is human and means creativity, which leads to freedom. That being said, art is a process of deliverance within itself.

Back in the days, Fight The Fight were founded under the name Faenskap, and played shows for many years. The band is a perfect example of childhood friends and schoolmates, who wanted to start a band and reach out to people. With their 2017 debut album, Fight The Fight already showed that they deliberated their musical boundaries, while aiming for a diverse, and experimental sound. Within this sound there’s always a lot of power, energy and hard-hitting grooves. After this strong debut album, and big shows, Fight The Fight are closer to their goal than ever before.

Within the last years the band was given chances to tour with Satyriconand Suicidal Angels, while also supporting bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Ministry, Kvelertak, Hatebreed, Devin Townsend Project and August Burns Red, but also festivals like Reeperbahn Festival. This once more shows the diversity, and their great way to adjust to many other bands, due to their universal, but unique sound. With streaming counts beyond 1 million on their debut album, and music videos with 300k+ plays, the band already got many of fans within the world wide web, too.

In 2020 the band finally follows up their well received and critically acclaimed debut album. Their highly anticipated sophomore album pushes the band’s boundaries (if they were ever even existing) even further into new territories. Starting with a bouncy main riff in the album’s title track, there’s always this little djenty undertone within Fight The Fight’s groovy riffs. This young, fresh and dynamic drive leads to extremely catchy songs, which get garnished by the extremely captivating refrains. One simply can’t not bounce their head, while listening to the songs of «Deliverance». But there are also these fiery, gritty black metal elements in some of the songs, which get a great contrast to it. Especially the combination of poppy song structures, melodic guitar lines and the smashing upbeat drums keeps the songs throughout exciting.

There are many reasons, why 2020 will be THE YEAR for Fight The Fight, but “Deliverance” will be the main reason. “Deliverance” has the stompy power of Slipknot’s heaviest songs, the grooviest elements of Lamb Of God, a cray approach like Devin Townsend, and an overall smashing but catchy sound comparable to Rammstein. Though all of the ten songs have their individual strengths, little details and refinements, making Fight The Fight one of the freshest and most innovative metal bands out there. Even if their music does clearly sound like metal, the band also has an authentic rock’n’roll image, which shines through in songs like “Turbo Sex”. Furthermore, Fight The Fight are «a catchy, atmospheric, punk-rock racket» according to Metal Hammer UK, and they couldn’t have described it better.

The band’s “Deliverance” is coming. Do you dare? Are you ready to Fight The Fight?





Calling You Back





Turbo Sex


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