Faanefjell ‎– Trollmarsj (CD)

Faanefjell ‎– Trollmarsj (CD)


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Trollmarsj is an concept album with clear references to traditional Norwegian black metal such as Windir. The main Trolls of the band, Kim Arly Karlsen (Cutthroat, ex-Rules of Engagement, ex-EON) and Danish black metal growler, Benjamin Isar Jorgensen (Grivf) teamed up early 2009 to write music for their first joint release.

1. Der Var Engang Et Fjell

2. Faanetrollets Vise

3. Trollmarsj

4. Tre Tinner Bakom Bruen

5. Soknadalr

6. Drikkegilde I Jotunheimen

7. Slaatt

8. Hedningens Time

9. Til Kamp

10. Her Hersker Kun Troll og Morkemaenn

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