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EL CACO - Uncelebration (LP White Vinyl)

EL CACO - Uncelebration (LP White Vinyl)

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Single LP white coloured vinyl

After 7 long years the Norwegian stoner rock trio El Caco return with a monumental new album.

With an ever-clenched fist, and 25 years of experience the trio has impressed fans and critics with massive and poignant stoner rock. Uncelebration is no exception, through heavy beats, powerful lyrics and enthralling melody lines, El Caco lulls you in, and hooks the listener from the very first note.

The album itself is a product of time. Prior to Uncelebration, El Caco had written and released new albums almost every other year, on top of extensive touring. Uncelebration on the other hand needed time and space to grow, and the trio wanted to draw inspiration from other places than rehearsals and gigs.

The album was built steadily, piece by piece, El Caco comment:

“It doesn’t feel like 7 years has passed since our last release because we wrote and created music the entire time, but we gave ourselves space on Uncelebration. We would meet up at rehearsals and work out the basic structure of a song. When that was settled the three of us would go our separate ways and continue to work on parts individually in different studios”

The recording process of Uncelebration diverge from that of previous releases, and the finished album was recorded in nothing less than 4 studios: Drums at Snakehips by Ronny Janssen, bass, keyboards, and percussion at Stop Knocking Studio by Fredrik Wallumrød, guitars by Anders at Oganesh Studios Unlimited, and vocals at Studio 33 by Daniel Bergstrand.

The result is a dense, and nothing less than impressive album where every element is honed to perfection, but also an album that features a more contemplative and vulnerable side of El Caco. The band elaborates:

“There hasn’t been a lot to celebrate these last couple of years. Neither in the general world order, nor on a personal level. Uncelebration was born out of this, something which is reflected both in lyrics and in the album theme. The title itself felt like a given description of the current situation. As for the sound, we always seek to evolve, but it is still unmistakably El Caco, After all, we are still the same three people, how we write and the how we play was settled long ago”


El Caco (Spanish: thief) started up in 1998 and is set to release their 8th album spring 2023.

As the band name implies, the band graft their music by “stealing” elements from a wide range of rock history, only to fuse them together. The result is powerful and persuasive stoner rock, with an intoxicating blend of enticing riffs, distorted bass, and outstanding vocals. The band, which have previously released 7 acclaimed albums - several of which have been nominated for the Norwegian Grammy, has managed to build a loyal international fanbase through their nothing but amazing live shows and vigorously international touring.


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