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DØDSRITUAL - Under Sort Sol (LP)

DØDSRITUAL - Under Sort Sol (LP)

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Standard Black vinyl 12"LP. Incl. bonus track.

Norway's Dødsritual and their  album "Under Sort Sol" is radical, twisted, vicious, and progressive. Filled with all manner of haunted, unexpected melodies. This is the remastered special edition of the album with a bonus track: «Sons of Disobedience». Incredible structure, with their own quality brand of semi-epic, ferociously ripping, mixture of Black Metal genres. All flowing seamlessly track to track, working in all these many styles and influences into their riffs and interludes. "Under Sort Sol" is a proud testament to what made the Scandinavian originators so groundbreaking. The album has the atmosphere, the aggression, and the songs to make a spine-tingling and all-around pleasurable listen.


1.Under Sort Sol

2.Lost in theRemains

3.Dømt til å leve

4.Alt Lys er Slukket


6.Sons ofDisobedience

7.A GloriousPast

8.The Eternal Return

9.The Visitor

10.Oh Nemesis

11.Dark Hole

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