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DJERV - Djerv (LP Transparent W/ Blue/White Splatter)

DJERV - Djerv (LP Transparent W/ Blue/White Splatter)

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New Repress Colour Vinyl Transparent w/ Blue and White Splatter

Djerv and Agnete Kjølsrud is finally returning to the scene in 2019 after a 5-year long hiatus. To celebrate this they are releasing a special edition of their debut album on blue vinyl, including a previously unreleased bonus track. The band first stormed onto the scene in 2010, and in 2011 they released their debut album to critical acclaim. Djerv brought a fresh mixture into the pit. It`s aggressive rock, borderline metal and dangerously catchy. Yet wrapped in a blackmetal veil? Genres melt together as never before these days, and so seems to be the case with Djerv as well.

Djerv is: Agnete Kjølsrud & Erlend Gjerde



  1. Madman
  2. The Bowling Pin
  3. Headstone
  4. Gruesome Twosome
  5. Only I Exist
  6. Ladder To The Moon
  7. Abmuse
  8. Blind The Heat
  9. Immortal
  10. Cursed (bonus track, previously unreleased)
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