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BLOMST - Blomst IL + ekstraomgang (Yellow LP) PRE-ORDER

BLOMST - Blomst IL + ekstraomgang (Yellow LP) PRE-ORDER

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Release date September 06th

Extended version reissue vinyl on Indie Recordings!

Yellow Vinyl in a single sleeve with spot UV on front cover.


Blomst (Eng.: Flower) are an uplifting, energetic and playful punk rock band straight from the garage! With Norwegian lyrics that speak an unfiltered truth they have been praised for their kick-ass frontwoman and catchy songs. Blomst have quickly grown to be one of the finest exemplars of their genre in Norway. Their album “Blomst IL” from 2019 took them to a new level, and now two new songs have been added to the extended version “Blomst IL + ekstraomgang”!

“Blomst IL” (Eng.: “IL” is a Norwegian abbreviation for sports team), does not require any talent to join, as the sport is life itself and no one knows the rules. We don’t know how we’ll achieve it, but with team spirit we know that victory is within reach. Aggressive play against the forces trying to hold us back is encouraged, even if it breaks with norms and rules. We`ve had a rough season, but together we are strong, and we’re ready for “ekstraomgang” (Eng.: overtime). It is time to stand up, join the team, and win the fight of your life!

The lyrics are a reality check on life as a 20 something. They address topics like body shaming, grief, “good girls” and love. Frontwoman Ida Dorthea Horpestad and the rest of Blomst give you a unique look behind the smile of a young adult. “When I turned 25, the veil was removed. I realized how much money and power there is to gain, by making others feel like they`re not enough. That industry provokes me. We hide behind a pretty band-aid. Let`s just rip it off and see what happens!” -Ida Dorthea Horpestad

After a great 2019, including sold out concerts, several festivals and an album that was praised with good reviews, radio placements and four Album of the Year listings in the Norwegian press, it is only fitting to extend the life of the album with overtime and two new tracks! Blomst had just played two sold out nights in a row in Oslo, right before the pandemic put an end to all their plans for 2020. Many concert bookings and 10 festivals have been put on hold, but the team spirit is still strong with new tracks coming soon and a live stream concert TBA!

Songwriter Ida about the two new tracks: "I wanted to write two songs about being in love and where that can take you. About going all in with your whole heart at risk."

The album is recorded in Taakeheimen Studio by Morten Øby.


Ida Dorthea Horpestad  

Lasse Febakke

Christopher Robin Omdahl  

Teodor Andersen



Side A
Mine hender brenner
Penger i madrassen
De retusjerte
Oss som bare drar
Noe å tro på 

Side B
Vi vet ikke
Boom boom
Dø manns kyss
Bare ha
Verste venner

Extra tracks:

Dagen du traff meg
Du er så fin

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