ATENA - Possessed (Digipack)


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Heavy metalcore from Norway. After modifying their line-up and releasing "Of Giants" in late 2013, they shifted their focus towards playing live for a while. Starting out by intensifying their presence in the local metal scenes of Eastern-Norway, 2014 would see them co-headline two independent European tours, support Borknagar in Helsinki and have the honour of touring Europe alongside black metallers 1349 as special guests. 

“Possessed” is their second album released on a label and the first with Indie Recordings.

Track list

1. Possessed
2. Confessional
3. Argument
4. Death Eating
5. Church Burning
6. Done With The Darkness
7. Birth
8. Lock Shut
9. Oil Rigs
10. Cheater
11. Heartless

 Indie Recordings, 2017


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