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AIMING FOR ENRIKE - Segway Nation (Yellow LP)

AIMING FOR ENRIKE - Segway Nation (Yellow LP)

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Word started spreading some time ago about the duo Aiming for Enrike in their home country Norway among young, newly converted music enthusiasts as well as experienced veterans of the industry, all having in common that they have opened their eyes wide at this highly explosive duo.

For two musicians to be able to complement each other so as to create collective euphoria and ecstasy is something only few have mastered before them. Hella (US) and Lightning Bolt (US) and also Monolithic (N) must be mentioned they are all important names for drummer Tobias Ørnes Andersen and guitarist Simen Følstad Nilsen. By the help of a drum kit, three guitar amps and a rich selection of loop and effect pedals, the two musicians manage to create something unique, refreshing, un-Norwegian, inclusive and grand.

Much of their character lies in their imagination and urge to explore sounds and ways of expression across any regulations in claustrophobic underground scenes. Although it all may have started out sounding similar to bands like Hella and Monolithic, these two musicians want more.

Through a deep interest in anything from the repetition and the nuances of electronic music to the improvised mission of jazz and the dance-ability of funk and postpunk, a way of expression has been formed, that can only be said to be that of Aiming for Enrike.

In their two albums one of which is just around the corner they have proven themselves, and they have been picked up by among others Urørt at NRK P3, which again has led to concerts with bands like Møster! and Bror Forsgren.

And it is at concerts that the duo shines the brightest their unrestricted approach to the song material and their total symbiosis as musicians make them a beast you rarely experience. They have played anywhere from underground concerts in people’s kitchens to big, established stages, and they master the different scenarios with an equally great conviction every time.

We are completely convinced that Aiming for Enrike is one of the most exciting bands to have come out of Norway in a long, long time, and there is little doubt that this powerful duo has an exciting future ahead.


  1. Newspeak
  2. Riget
  3. Mad Driver
  4. Billion Year Contract
  5. Minitrue
  6. Ushikawa
  7. Now Watch This Drive
  8. Necrocratic Republic
  9. Phone Phobia
  10. Segway Nation
  11. Almost All Of Them
  12. Nakata Johnny Walker
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