ADDIKTIO - Verraton (LP)

ADDIKTIO - Verraton (LP)


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Single LP black vinyl.

Incredible instrumental trio Addiktio deliver a progressive, blistering sound by mixing elements of rock, jazz, and metal into a unique sonic experience. Their debut album “Verraton” saw the light of day in 2018 and was met with raving reviews from the Norwegian press. “[…] these are top-level musicians making it impossible to give anything but a high score” was the review from Musikknyheter, while the newspaper Fædrelandsvennen wrote “Norway has a new power-trio, creating a mighty mix from rock, jazz and metal”.

 As a trio, they create ambient, massive sonic landscapes, filled with mathematical and melodic parts. A brutal, confronting guitar is backed by vintage bass and pure drum magic. The band’s catchy instrumentals manage to capture any listener with their ‘in-your-face’ and chaotic expression.

Addiktio are: Håkon Sagen: GuitarsRubenFredheim Oma: BassThomas Gallatin: Drums


A1 Unelma
A2 Armeija
A3 Verraton
A4 Loma
B1 Tiikeri
B2 Kitara
B3 Niella
B4 Painoton
B5 Intohimo

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