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22 - You Are Creating (2LP Mint + Purple vinyl)

22 - You Are Creating (2LP Mint + Purple vinyl)

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Available for: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland

Contains the album You Are Creating: Limb 1 plus the brand new album You Are Creating: Limb2 as double LP mint and purple in gatefold sleeve

22 have defined their own musical domain as an eclectic, melodic, energetic and stadium-appealing progressive rock outfit, and have been claimed as inspiration for and are affiliated with bands such as Animals as Leaders, Arcane Roots, Leprous or Agent Fresco.

The band also have a fifth member. The digital entity “HAL2200”, an electronic instrument that every member of 22 plays on live on stage. The vision with HAL22000 is to create more musical interaction between the humans on stage through technology.

22‘s conceptual double album „YOU ARE CREATING“ will be released on November 23rd, 2018.

“YOU ARE CREATING” is an assertion made by 22 that the listener is the one creating the effects of the music they are hearing. Pitch and rhythm in different arrangements (songs) are just tools provided by the artist, which the listener utilises and thus creates the experience of music. The album is divided into two limbs, making it up to the listener to create a whole of these two parts, trusting the active participation of the listener.

Within the „YOU ARE CREATING“ cycle 22 will release 4 short films / music videos telling the story of HAL22000 and the renessaince kid “Akira”, exploring the synergetic relationship between humans and technology.Now, concepts aside: 22 is a good old-fashioned hard working rock band playing good new-fashioned music. They are adept musicians with a way above average energetic and agile way of dancing around on stage, something that has earned them an almost mythical position as a live act, in addition to some broken bones on tour.

Tracklist Limb 1                                        

1 INSPEC                                                     

2 STAYING EMBODIED                                

3 SUM OF PARTS                                        

4 A MUTATION OF THRUSHES                  

5 ADAM KADMON BODY MASS INDEX                                                    

6 ECTYPES                                                     

 7 YOU ARE CREATING                                


Tracklist Limb 2:                                              

1 NODE 2                                                     

2 CALL EM TRIMTRAM                                

3 DILLEMAN`S CLARITY                              

4 AUTUMN STREAM                                  

5 CHROMA KEY                                          

6 SYLPHS                                                         


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