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Purified In Blood album reviews:

9/10 - Rotting Hill

8/10 - Metal Temple: “Be ready for some eargasms, because you will be all over the place when you listen to this release.”

5/6 - NRK Lydverket: "Et hakk over resten"

8,5/10 - This is not a scene: #Overall, it’s a darn good album, nice and heavy but intricate enough to keep you interested.”

Crows & Bones: “It sounds fucking awesome and heavy!”

Two years after releasing «Under Black Skies», Purified in Blood has now  unleashed yet another monster; «Flight Of A Dying Sun». This time around the album was released via the infamous Indie Recordings. The band is excited to be a part of the Indie family.

Their previous album «Under Black Skies» got overwhelming critics and the band is widely known to deliver the goods live as well. If there’s one thing Purified in Blood looks forward to, it’s touring with these new, crushing songs. Destroying city after city with Norwegian metal.

 Taking their sound to a new level, the band has been very pleased with the outcome of this new recording. They have a newfound intensity inspired by their early days. Mixing the hard with the groovy this album has the variety listeners will find interesting and heavy. «Flight Of A Dying Sun» is recorded and produced by Danish juggernaut Jacob Bredahl and mixed and mastered by the metal legend Tue Madsen; the heaviest combo known to man.

 ”This is the missing link between «Reaper of Souls» and «Under Black Skies»”, says singer Hallgeir S. Enoksen. Their first album is known for its rawness and intensity. «Reaper of Souls» was also recorded by Jacob Bredahl back in 2006 and they always talked about recording with him again after that. Now it was time. The second album has more of an organic sound. «Flight Of A Dying Sun» is the two combined in one hell of an album.

 This time around the bands second singer Glenn Reaper is out and Hallgeir faced a new challenge being one vocalist. A challenge he has been nailing the past one and a half year with no problems what so ever. His voice range has developed a lot the past year singing alone and he takes on the task with no remorse, no repent.

 Glenn Reaper is still doing a guest appearance on the power anthem Iron Hands. Alongside with Glenn, Erlend Hjelvik from the brother band Kvelertak appears on the album’s first single and only Norwegian song; Mot Grav. Other guest appearances on the album are Kjetil Møster (Datarock, Ultralyd, Møster) on saxophone, Ådne Sæverud on organ and Jens Borge (Skadne Krek) on double bass. Last but certainly not least they have Siberian throat singer Albert Kuvezin on board to start the whole album with his voice of war.