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"Forget The Past, Let's Worry About The Future" is out now! Pil & Bue hit you in the face and heart at the same time. Influenced by shoegaze, rock and prog they deliver ethereal and poppy sounds that are hard to forget. 

"The duo from the North has not been around for long, but has already managed to cement a sound that's unique, vital and long-awaited" - Torgrim Øyre, Dagbladet, 5 av 6

Reviews of the album:
6 of 6 – Scream Magazine
6 of 6 – Rana Blad
6 of 6 – iFinnmark
5 of 6 – Dagbladet
5 of 6 – Fædrelandsvennen
5 of 6 – Avisa Norldland
5 of 6 - Altaposten
5 of 6 - Panorama
90 of 100 – Hissig.no
9 of 10 - Powermetal.de
8 of 10 – metal.de
4.5 of 5 – Rock N Reel Reviews
8.5 of 10 – Metal1.info
4 of 5 – Sea Of Tranquility

“An album classed as "a global sound experience", I am not going to analyse each song when the sum total is so satisfying!” – Voir.ca


The duo from the north of Norway delivers a unique blend of stoner infused ambient rock on their debut album "Forget The Past, Let's Worry About The Future".
The overall lyrical theme talks about surpressed women all over the world. Vocalist Petter Carlsen tries to depict how it is living under unbearable conditions - a reality for so many poor souls across the globe. The music underlines this darkness with a spectrum of songs ranging from desperate explosions to beautiful melancholy and chaos.
Despite the heavy nature of the lyrics, Pil & Bue still embrace uplifting harmonies and melodies similar to greats such as Sólstafir, Sigur Rós and Placebo.

Pil & Bue is: Petter Carlsen - Guitar & vocals | Aleksander Kostopoulos - Drums