one of the most exiting acts out of the nordic metal scene! new album to be released this spring!

FIRSt single “Pale horse” out now!

Palehørse (formerly known as Amendfoil) is one of the most exciting acts out of the Nordic metal scene. Followed by the vision of multitalented frontman Lassi Mäki-Kala, the band is combining extreme technical skills, right-in-your-face attitude, desert-crossing roughness and multiple vocal harmonies in a way that is very hard to categorize but easy to give recognition. Numerous reviews with perfect scores for both of their self-released albums, hundreds of gigs and festival appearances are just some of the milestones along the rise of Palehørse.

Lassi Mäki-Kala comments: "We are honoured to join Indie Recording, the home of so many exciting bands. After over 12 months of total silence, it's relieving to turn the lights off with our previous band Amendfoil and finally release the news about Palehørse. Yes, so relieving, even keeping in mind we are Finns, we don't speak much anyway!" 

Erlend Gjerde, Managing Director at Indie Recordings comments: “Palehørse brings to the table something different than most bands today. They blend a melodic approach to rock and metal with just the enough amount of progressiveness and technical skills, but still keeping that hook always within arm’s length. It`s catchy as F$#& in other words, and not to be missed”

In spite of more than a decade-long comradery, the band is now excited about its reincarnation as a trio under a new name and on a new label. The self titled debut album Palehørse is scheduled to be released on Indie Recordings in 2019!