Feel The Blade reviews:

6/6 - hitparade.ch

6,5/ 7 - hardharderheavy.de

6/7 - Metal Hammer Germany

8/10 - Metal Temple

"… a true thrash metal inferno, that leaves no time for breathtaking and always thrashes right on target. Awesome piece! This is a band that wants it all. Reminds me of Kreator’s early works (although the band does not agreee on that). "Feel the Blade" could be used a sample for the perfect thrash album in the future as the guys around fronter Maurice have done everything right here. … their strongest album to date which marks the level for all other thrash releases in the next time. Excellent!" - Olaf Brinkmann / LEGACY Germany 

"Its 40 minutes seems like 15 minutes, and thats how it should be. Nothing subtle, overblown or fake here so move along unless you¹re prepared to bang to a song untitled "Slut of sodom", need I say more?" - Paul Stenning / TERRORIZER UK 

Back in 2004, when LEGION OF THE DAMNED rose from the ashes of OCCULT in the Dutch city of Venlo, the music scene yearned for pure and brutal Thrash Metal. In 2005, Maurice Swinkels (vocals), Erik Fleuren (drums), Twan Fleuren (bass) and Richard Ebisch (guitar) teamed up with producer Andy Classen and entered his Stage-One-Studio (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany) in order to record »Malevolent Rapture« - a real classic of Euro-Thrash! 

A special moment in the history of the band was the re-recording of the final OCCULT album »Elegy For The Weak«, which was released under the LEGION-Banner as »Feel The Blade« in 2008. Frequent chart entries and worldwide tours are a constant companion in the career of LEGION OF THE DAMNED, and this year’s shows in Chile, Brazil and Argentina are undoubtedly highlights in the band’s history.