"Images  At Twilight resides in a musical  soundscape between utter darkness and sher beauty. Brutal, yet passionate, fast, yet a handful of melody and catchiness, Images At Twilight manages to get the best of both worlds. Symphonic black metal on steroids anyone?" (Bård Eithun, Emperor, Aborym a.o)


Said about Images At Twilight:

"Old school symphonic black metal with modern power! Images At Twilight will kick your ass! [...] Fuck hell, what an infernal  blast! Impressingly organized orchestral chaos." (Morpheus, Limbonic Art a.o)

"Intelligent breaks makes the music breathe in between the extreme bombast. This is simply  awesome – thanks for letting me pre-listen to this!" (Øystein G. Brun, Borknagar  a.o)

"The epic scope of this piece is wonderfully audacious, and the execution is searingly effective. The perfect fusion of ethereal symphonic eleganze and venomous black metal brutality. This is a darkly vibrant and grandiose musical vista indeed!"  (Byron Roberts, Bal-Sagoth)

“Back in the late nineties I was thinking about starting a black metal project that pushed boundaries both in speed and orchestration. In those days, you needed to actually hire a real orchestra to achieve the quality in the symphonic aspect that I wanted. It was not until 2010 I felt that the software technology was good enough to reach my goals.” - André Aaslie (Piano, orchestration & vocal). 

The first step was getting the right people together with the same vision on becoming the black metal war machine Aaslie had in mind. The first member to join was renowned drummer Jontho (Ragnarok). Soon after Martin "Viti" Blystad (Hinsidig) and Tom Arild  "Ihizagh" Johansen (Perished, Bloodthorn and session member of Mayhem) filled in the ranks. As front man Balfori (Lunaris) became part of the band in 2012 accompanied with Jontho's band mate Bolverk (Ragnarok), the band became complete.

From 2012, rehearsals increased in intensity as the first live performance was booked at the Hard & Heavy tour in Gran Canaria. 2012 proved to be an important year to get rid of the childhood diseases most band goes through, and by the time Images At Twilight stepped onto the stage, Jontho was replaced by Anders Faret Haave (In Vain, ex-Blood Red Throne) and Balfori was replaced with Bjørn "Narrenschiff" Holter (ex-Illnath, ex-Ásmegin).

Images At Twilight were later invited as special guests to play with the legendary Myrkskog on their 20th anniversary in 2013 at Union Scene in Drammen, Norway. At this point, the debut album was recorded and later mixed & mastered in Endarker Studio by Devo from Marduk. The following year Images At Twilight played the album in its entirety in a movie theatre accompanied by an hour-long video painstakingly made to match the majestic music. 

The album “Kings” is based on an epic story, lifted with grandios music fit for fantasy battle scenes. “When I started making the music for Images At Twilight I quickly understood that this music needed an epic lyrical concept as the orchestration became very soundtrack based. My old Scream Magazine colleague Bjørn Nørsterud wrote an awesome story later developed in cooperation with our vocalist Narrenschiff. It is loosely based on stories of the extra-terrestrials who inhabited the Earth and created the first civilizations before humankind was created. The five compositions point towards the wonders they created and tells the story of their reign until the creation of man by the hands of Kaizanbar.” - André Aaslie.

The summer of 2015 produced a contract between Indie Recordings and Images At Twilight and the album is now ready for release. A European tour with the legendary band Master will conclude this year.

 “Kings” is to be released on Indie Recordings November 27, 2015!