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When realizing a common creative ground and like-minded artistic approach back in 2000, Borknagar’s main songwriter Øystein G. Brun and Swedish multi-instrumentalist Mr. V (a.k.a. Vintersorg) decided to get together to create a band with musical output that differs from the style of their main bands. Having pinpointed each other’s visions and ideas back and forth for some years, while also working on releases with Borknagar and Vintersorg, Cronian (in its first incarnation still referred to as Ion), didn’t come into material existence until 2005, when the proper work of the final musical expression for the debut album TERRA started out. 

In early 2008 the final recordings where done in the duo’s respective studios. In the meantime CRONIAN’s deal with Century Media Records was mutually terminated and CRONIAN decided to sign with the Norwegian finest label: Indie Recordings.
In the end of June 2008 the band entered the Ballerina studio in Sweden (Vintersorg, Otyg, etc) to mix and to master the album. Contrary to the debut, the band this time around decided to go to a professional studio to do the mixing of the album. And that decision paid off big time. The album comes with a crystal- clean sound yet the production is aggressive and mighty with a unique overall atmosphere. 
A perfectly suitable cover and layout is done by the artistic genius Marcelo HCV, this completes the circle of a this genuine artistic effort.
With ENTERPRISE you will experience a new level of musical visions and craftsmanship. The album proves that the metal scene still have allot of musical territories to explore and discover.