ALFAHANNE - Det Nya Svarta (Digipak)

ALFAHANNE - Det Nya Svarta (Digipak)


  • €11.99

Having already released two albums, Eskilstuna´s finest are now back with a new album. Once again exploring the darkness of mankind and continuing to widen their musical realms, the new material will mark the beginning of a new era. The third album is truly a monster and its release will make it clear that ALFAHANNE is the new black... 


Track list

1. Satans verser

2. Stigmata

3. Avgrundsgravitation

4. Dödsmaskin

5. Klubb 27

6. Mitt mörker är mörkare än ditt

7. Även en hund har sin dag

8. Svarta får

9. Det nya svarta

Indie Recordings, 2017

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