Yesterdaze drops new single - Don't Bother!

Yesterdaze release their summer rock-banger "Don’t Bother"; the first taste from their upcoming debut album "Sentences". "Don't Bother" is a spicy, defiant middle finger to the ones who don't realize what they have until it's gone, then come crawling back for a second chance.

Yesterdaze doesn't hold anything back in this extremely groovy track with an immensely catchy chorus that will definitely make you press that repeat button over and over again.

"Don't Bother"
captures the essence of what Yesterdaze upcoming debut album "Sentences" is all about. Of being imprisoned in different relationships in your life and all the emotions associated with it. Also how one sentence or action can change your entire perspective of a person, hence the ambiguous album title.

Singer Armann Ingthorsson comments:
“We found that the comparison of post-covid dog owners buying and throwing puppies away, felt like the perfect way of displaying toxic people in relationships.
With the music video we wanted to display a break up story with a twist and came up with the heartbreaking dog's perspective of being thrown back to the dog pound. Also we just wanted to be around cute puppies for a whole day. It was awesome! We found a beautiful kennel who had their affairs in order and treated their doggos with love and care.
For me as a lyricist I've really put my heart and soul out on full display for this album. My wish is that it can help people to see warning signs in toxic relationships and process moving forward with their middle finger and head held high. if it's a spouse, a parent, a friend, a boss or other serpents slithering around the surface of the earth. Don't Bother.”

Armann Ingthorsson – Vocals
Lars Stray – Bass
Torje Antonsen – Drums
Øyvind Lunde - Guitar

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