Yesterdaze out with debut EP!

The four-piece from Norway, with an Icelandic lead-singer seeks to captivate us with aggressively addictive songs. Their incredible live energy and the bands technical capability, paired with Armann’s unique and raw vocals, makes their live performances unforgettable, and their songs exceptionally catchy. Act U All is a monster of an EP from an innovative and daring young rock band that both challenges and compels their listeners while listening.
On how they landed on Act U All, vocalist Armann says:
The name of the EP came to me when I read the definition of Actual - existing in fact or reality.
It had me thinking about how we so rarely are true to ourselves; 90 % of the time we are putting on an “act”. A kind of facade put up to shield people from the world or themselves. That we are all operating behind an act. As such, while writing the lyrics for Act U All I wanted to take a look within myself, at my own actions and my own behavior.”
Yesterdaze is a product of the musical melting-pot that is Oslo, and their live energy has been a major hit with the mainstream pop-rock audience in the Norwegian capital. Since 2019 they have been an active live band in the Oslo rock scene and have quickly become known for their exhilarating and raw concerts. They have paved their way through Oslo’s various venues and stages, with the extraordinary habit of always getting booked to do a new show after each gig.
Their musical landscape is heavily influenced by Stadium Rock giants such as Queen, Radiohead, Queens of The Stone Age and Biffy Clyro.
 Know No Better
Evolution 2.0
A Zombie’s Waltz
Out of Ammo
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