The mesmerizing and unique project of Winterfyllet’s guitarist Dan Capp, Wolcensmen, is finally out with the highly anticipated sophomore album “Fire in the White Stone”! Listen to the album in its entirety HERE (insert link)

‘Fire in the White Stone’ is a timeless tale of mystery and destiny, in the spirit of Tolkien, Wagner and the Grail mythos (influences which Dan wears plainly on his sleeve). A hapless young man breaks away from home and flees into the wild, forsaking companionship and comfort. He is subjected to a stream of extraordinary happenings, encountering among other things 1 mysterious old man, 2 unusual swans, 3 ghostly maidens and 4 dwarf-like beings. Against this otherworldly backdrop, Wolcensmen’s music and lyrics convey the emotions and atmospheres of a multi-layered story.

Wolcensmen moves forward with another incredible and unique album. Great album.” - 9,5/10, Folk-Metal, NL
"If you only feel the touch of musical openness, you should definitely put WOLCENSMEN on your wish list. One of the very, very big albums this year! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!" - 9,5/10, Black Salvation, DE 

“If you call yourself a music lover, you should listen to this. You will find that you not only fully unwind, but that you are also dragged into the story that Wolcensmen presents here. Honestly, this requires a film adaptation!”
90/100, Musika, BE
“Very rare, wonderful piece of music. So captivating. The world definitely needs more exceptional artists such as Dan Capp (Wolcensmen).” - Musikatlas, AT
“Making an intelligent variation of acoustic, electronic, sung and/or instrumental “Fire In The White Stone” is a step ahead in the style.”
8/10, Dark Soul United


Order CD, LP & merch here: https://shop.indierecordings.no/collections/wolcensmen

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