The VREID vinyl series is finally complete; all 8 albums from their great catalogue are now out in "All Colours Gone"!


The Norwegian black'n'roll metallers Vreid (Eng.: Wrath") have since 2004 released highly praised albums, where one of them even got a Norwegian Grammy (Spellemann) nomination. Emerging from the legendary Windir, Vreid continued the lyrical theme of war history, mainly Norwegian but also international, and lyrics written in their local dialect from Sogndal as well as English. With Windir and Vreid they have formed the much beloved sub-genre Sognametal, a unique sub-genre in the world of Metal. 

Their studio album diskography includes; 
Kraft – (2004)
Pitch Black Brigade – (2006)
I krig – (2007)
Milorg – (2009)
V – (2011)
Welcome Farewell – (2013)
Sólverv – (2015)
Lifehunger – (2018)


During 2020, all of Vreid’s back-catalogue has been re-released on vinyl in a special series called «All colours gone». These have been short on stock or sold out on vinyl, and most of them have been unavailable for years. Therefore, we at Indie Recordings and Vreid are very exited to give this amazing catalogue new life in this series.

In total 8 albums have been released in batches of 2 throughout the year, and today, all of them are finally available: 


All albums have been given a special new design with black and white cover art, and solid white vinyl pressing. The designs are done by the art wizard Remi Juliebø of Deformat who also did the artwork for Vreid’s last album Lifehunger.

“We are extremely proud to give new life to our entire legacy and hope you will enjoy it.” - on behalf of the Vreid Brigade, Jarle Hváll Kvåle






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