Vorbid delivers eclectic music in newest album!

In late 2022, Vorbid returned with even more technically challenging and intriguing music, stepping up the game and proving themselves worthy of a place at the prog metal table. 4 years after the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Mind, Vorbid are set to further explore the outpost of progressive metal.
Vorbid’s music is highly conceptual. 
On A Swan by the Edge of Mandala, they wanted to compose and produce an album with a clear storyline. As such, the music and lyrics for the album were written in parallel and then sewn together with regards to the concept and rhythm of the underlying narrative.
Vorbid comments:
A Swan by the Edge of Mandala we have chosen an even more progressive direction than on the previous releases. Our main inspiration was to seek out both a renewal of the sound and at the same time challenge ourselves musically. Through this process we ended up creating a new sound for Vorbid which we strongly believe is where the band should be, and which fulfills our potential.”
Vorbid is a young, fresh, and incredibly energetic metal band from Arendal, Norway.
Both of the band’s previous releases, a self-titled EP from 2016 and their debut album Mind from 2018 received amazing reviews and got lots of media attention. Landing them tours with Norwegian underground heavy weights such as Aura Noir, Obliteration and Einherjer.
Vorbid has through A Swan by the Edge of Mandala, created an album with room for both contemplation and gratification. An album made by and for people who love eclectic and meaningful music, for people who feel a little lost, or for people who have lost.
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