The debut album of Norwegian heavysoulrockers Vöödöö titled "Ashes" deservingly earned them a title “one of the best Norwegian rock bands” in Norwegian daily press, and profiled the band as one of the most promising rock newcomers on the scene.The Bergen-based band is now celebrating a one-year anniversary of their heavysoulrock debut masterpiece, and soon over half a million streams on Spotify! This is being celebrated with the release of a music video for the title track “Ashes”, made by the talented Troll Toftenes.



The band has commented the video: “Sometimes, we need to let things burn until it turns to ash. It's only then its light enough to be blown away. "Ashes" is the title track of our album and the song touches on the topic of freedom from grief that's had a hold of you for some time. We all experience grief at some point in our life, and grief is a process with a beginning and an end. "Ashes" is about the end of this process. The realization that "I'm done with grief, and it's time to move on" "Free me. Free these hands they've burned far too long now" is a line from the chorus that we feel reflects this well. Metaphorically, we’re describing  burdens as something that burns, and that sometimes you need to let them burn to ash to process them, so that you can blow them away and be freed. We hope you enjoy the song & video!» Gøran, Vöödöö

More good news for the fans: the band is in the studio these days and are also setting up concerts for next Spring. So we have a lot to look forward to, and with this new music video, the wait is fortunately not too long.

“The video was shot during two days in the streets and parks of Bergen, Norway. We had a lot of help from friends and family and are very thankful to everyone who helped us make this video reality.” – Gøran, Vöödöö



Listen to "Ashes" HERE. | Order the album HERE.
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