VAK delivers more sludge in new single!

Swedish experimental metallers VAK are ready to deliver more mesmerizing sludge with their second single “Sewer Café” due May 10th 

As always VAK delivers top tier experimental metal.
Sewer Café is a technically intriguing and musically challenging track, where VAK plays around with sonic elements in the very outskirts of the sludge genre. Resulting in a short yet adventurous track built on melodic rhythms and an underlying disturbing pulse.

VAK states:
"The tricky track 'Sewer Cafe' mobilizes our melodic force and is an example of how far down our heaviest riffs are able to dig.
We wanted to give the listener the sensation of helplessly falling through the soil, and into the forgotten catacombs of the city underground.
And here waits another surprise: a concealed cafe with various offers and the possibility to speak your mind without fear of betrayal!"

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