Thyrant from Spain release their new music video today! The video is for the track "Dunes of Desolation", taken from their latest album "Katabasis". 

Listen to "Katabasis" HERE

The band about the video: "Recorded some time last July 2020 in the midst of Tabernas Desert, Almería, southeast of Spain, under a blasting sun at 200 degrees to say the least. Pure hell and desolation. Next time we will shoot at midnight. Pandemic did not help to work with a proper production team, and it took us a few months to complete the process. It's been long to finish. It is finally here. Enjoy." 

The band was born out of nothing - only riffs and a musical idea were the foundation of what was to become Thyrant. The story of Thyrant is one of enduring friendships, lucky coincidences, and being in the right place at the right time; Southern Spain in 2015. "Katabasis" is their second album. “Musically, Thyrant are like a well-aimed punch to the solar plexus…"- Devils Gate Media, UK. A mix of Death and Black, with a touch of prog.

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