Spanish metallers Thyrant are finally out with their sophomore album "Katabasis”! Described as "a crushing progressive death from the Iberian Peninsula" by SentinelDaily (AUS), Katabasis is an 8-track killer album you can finally listen in its entirety here:


katabasis thyrant album



Thyrant were described as “the real deal” by Belfast Metalheads United, while their Rock Tribune (BE) wrote that “Thyrant is heading for a bright future”, and damn sure they are! A new well-aimed punch of metal is out now, taking Thyrant to the next level. 

According to Metal Hammer Portugal, "each song is able to convey different feelings, creating an extremely dynamic and original album", while DarkDoomGrindDeath writes that Thyrant's sophomore album is “…a great sounding progressive and melodic mixture of black, death and groove metal...”.

“Katabasis” (Greek for ‘descend’) reflects the feeling of being lost and found again – A warm feeling of relief, stability, and composure, that you will get after descending the dark, conceptual path throughout the 8 songs of this album. An album full of honesty, self-identification, and alleviation.

“THIS is Thyrant!”



Band Members:
Ocram - Vocals
J. Merida - Guitars
Miguel Navarro – Guitars, Clean Vocals on track #1 and #8.
Rubens Oliver - Bass
Miguel Vegas - Drums



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