The next Thyrant album is right around the corner, and "Face the Thyrant" is the first single out! 


Listen to the single HERE!
Thyrant face the thyrant single cover



When releasing their debut album, Rock Tribune wrote that “Thyrant is heading for a bright future!" and Devils Gate Media said that “Musically, Thyrant are like a well-aimed punch to the solar plexus". A new well-aimed punch of metal is ready for release, and their sophomore album "Katabasis" will be out on July 17!  

Thyrant on the process of working on the new album: "There was just a blank piece of paper, an empty wall when we went back to the rehearsal room after the first album. With just a few written sketches but nothing really clear on what path we wanted to take. We parted ways with our previous vocalist and felt like we couldn´t do the same kind of songs again. It was a much different feeling."

But the new frontman Ocram had ideas for a new theme and the band quickly found new creative ground. "We wanted to tell a story of someone going through something difficult, and how to manage finding a release from the negative impact. It was like the real catharsis of everything that we experienced within the last year, which was really hard to go through on a personal level. We went through this process without noticing it at all, a very unconscious-like process, finding the cure to move to the next step. It's a bit hard to explain.
The music started to come to light and Ocram made all the connections with the lyrics. Then we 'sewed' the different songs with instrumental interludes to create oneiric  parts that connect the different songs as chapters, trying to go smooth from one song to another. It was like painting on a more specific canvas, meeting the limits of certain style of music we wanted to be into, but with no limitations in the creative process. It was a bit like 'I don´t know what I want, but I know exactly what I don´t want'."

The new album is a killer 8-track metal release, taking Thyrant to the next level. "Katabasis" will be out on July 17, check out the first single "Face the Thyrant" today!




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