Swedish rockers Alfahanne are finally out with their new, highly anticipated full-length “Atomvinter” (Eng.: nuclear winter)! Listen to the album in its entirety HERE!

Alfahanne are unique with their Alfapocalyptic dark and chilling rock and will make your head and foot move while causing shivers down your spine at the same time. There are no happy endings, no good news and the world is in ruins. With the very suitably titled new album, the Swedes have once more covered the earth in black smog. And we are thrilled!

"Alfanne have done that one thing that all bands crave , to make a totally different yet refreshingly similar collection of songs that are superbly crafted as well as executed. If this band are half as good live as they are on this album they will become huge. Atomvinter is a contender for album of the year and is a modern metal classic." - 10/10, MMH Radio, UK

“Swedish alpha males once again give the world electrifying, patently schizoid music…” – 9,5/10, MetalHead, IT

"Alfahanne have produced a bloody belter of an album which blends raw emotion, subtle atmospheres and gargantuan riffs and hooks into one of the great dark rock releases of the year." - 8,5/10, AveNoctum, UK

After sold out shows in Gothenburg and Malmø past weekend, Alfahanne continue their tour w Raubtier! See you in one of the cities 💀💀💀

Oct 10 – Stockholm, Kraken
Oct 11 – Orebro, Frimis Salonger
Oct 12 – Norrkoping, Arbis
Oct 24 – Uppsala, Katalin
Oct 25 – Borlange, Liljan
Oct 26 – Huskvarna, Folkets Park


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