Skambankt deliver a melancholic, rare rock gem with their new single titled “SOS”! The band blends their hard rock sound with the more vulnerable, stripped-down acoustic version of the band we’ve been acquainted in 2019. “SOS” is a song that many can recognize themselves in – a song about discouragement, despair, and our incomprehensible minds.

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The Norwegian rock-legends Skambankt follow up on their latest acoustic album «1994», released in 2019, with another, rather non-typical Skambankt release. The upcoming album is more rock, with a hint of country, indie, and acoustic elements intertwined in a profound sonic experience. After a successful Norwegian tour earlier this Fall, with sold-out venues and extra concerts, the band is ready to release the next album in January 2021! SOS is the first single off their upcoming album. Enjoy!

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