Norwegian Rock legends Skambankt released their very first acoustic album last fall, followed by a Norwegian tour including sold out shows, release party at their very own pop-up record store in their hometown Stavanger and great response from press and fans. 

The idea was to only do alternative acoustic versions of old songs from the bands catalogue, but "Når Eg Sover" was too good to keep out and ended up as the only brand-new track on the album "1994". And now, the band have released a new music video for this acoustic rock ballad!  

Photo: Sondre Oldereide Michalsen
Cut: Jonny Engelsvoll
Regi: Skambankt

Taken from the album "1994", out on all services. Listen to it HERE


The band are heading out on a new Norwegian acoustic tour, and some of the shows are already close to sold out. 

05.03: Oslo - Strømløst: Skambankt – «Unplugged» // Rockefeller – kun få bill.
12.03: Florø - Skambankt «Unplugged» på Vesle Kinn
13.03: Trondheim - Skambankt "Unplugged" // Byscenen
14.03: Bergen - Skambankt «Unplugged» // Underlig
20.03: Kristiansand - Skambankt «Unplugged» // Kilden
21.03: Bryne - Skambankt «Unplugged» i Storstova



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