Skambankt release another atypical album. Known as a punk/hard rock band, "Jærtegn" is breaking with their previous releases showing the band brilliantly mastering the more slowed down indie-rock as well. It is an even more varied and dynamic expression, which really shows more of what they are capable of. "Jærtegn" is not rock you usually expect from this band, but the rock lies beneath somewhere as they explore other emotions on this album. The unknown, the uncertain, the magnificent, the hurtful and the despairing, but also love. Enjoy!

jærtegn album skambankt
The stunning photograph on the front cover, is taken by Morten Tellefsen. 

Since their comeback with «Horisonten Brenner» in 2018, they have worked hard. Skambankt has since then released 3 critically acclaimed albums in just 3 years, toured on countless places in Norway, played many festivals, A-listing on Norwegian radio for several singles, and entered #1 and #2 on the vinyl charts in Norway – to mention some few highlights.
Skambankt follow up their acoustic album «1994» with yet another unexpected release. They have opened up for much more variation than last time and show a new side of Skambankt.

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