Skambankt is one of the biggest Hard Rock bands in Norway and have since their comeback in 2017 played for sold out venues all over the country, played on several festivals, released and sold out 3 7inch vinyl singles, released a new album and their very first live album (recorded on their sold out show in Oslo, Rockefeller). A lot has happened, but, luckily for the fans, there is still a lot more on the band's agenda. 

This year marks 25 years since the band met (in 1994), and what better way to celebrate then to do something they have never done before? Somewhat inspired by the 90s Unplugged series, an acoustic album began to take shape some time ago, giving more room to the lyrics and melodies of Skambankt. On their new album "1994" they have gathered 11 tracks from the catalogue and added one brand new song - all acoustic and out now! 


skambankt 1994



Skambankt's "Unplugged" tour starts today! Dates:  

14.11 - Oslo, Parkteatret (almost sold out)
15.11 - Trondheim, Tyden (sold out)
16.11 - Hamar, Festiviteten Bar & Scene
22.11 - Bergen, Kronbar
23.11 - Haugesund, Flytten
28.11 - Stavanger, Tou Scene (almost sold out)
29.11 - Stavanger, Tou Scene (sold out)
30.11 - Stavanger, Tou Scene (under 18)
30.11 - Stavanger, Tou Secne (sold out)

Check out the events and get tickets on FACEBOOK.

Before the tour and the album release stared, the band opened a Pop-Up shop in the heart of Stavanger city (Norway). Sadly, there are no more record shops in Stavanger since this year, so when the band wanted to do an in-store and signing session the day before release, they had to take matters into own hands - which they did with great success! The Pop-Up lasted for 6 hours and included a food stand, a cofee-shop, bar and of course a stage where the band performed their acoustic versions plus a stand selling merch, vinyl and CD's of Skambankt. The Pop-Up shop was covered by two TV stations in Norway, watch the reports on TV Vest (regional TV) and/or on TV 2 Nyhetskanalen (the news-channel for one of the biggest stations in Norway).  





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